Why my clients love Natural Newborn Photography

May 23, 2024

Sleeping newborn baby on photoshoot

Natural newborn photography and why my clients love it.

Why do my Manchester & Cheshire Clients adore my natural newborn photoshoots?

Until recently, newborn photography was something to be smirked at. It seemed cheesy & unnecessary. Babies in flower pots or dressed up in oversized heavy knitted hats or wearing tutu’s. It seemed like us photographers were doing all we could to make babies not look like babies. A strange thing to do when in fact, babies are perfect as they are. This is why natural newborn photography has become incredibly popular with my Cheshire & Manchester clients. New parents now want to invest in newborn photography that is going to last a lifetime and in order to do this your photoshoot needs to be tailored to your baby.

Natural newborn photography allows us to focus on what is truly important. And news flash – it isn’t all the new fancy props that I want to stick your baby in. Nope. It is the downright gorgeousness of your beautiful baby.


So, what makes a newborn photoshoot a natural newborn photoshoot.

Well, firstly, you take all the props away and strip away all the bright colours and patterns. Instead we have a simple clean neutral backdrop – I find that these are the perfect tones to frame baby and natural colours suit all skin tones. Bright colours & props immediately take the focus off baby. When viewing each of your newborn’s images, I want your immediate focus to be led to baby. Not everything going on around them.

I use a lovely firm beanbag to gently and safely pose baby. Baby is never ever compromised and never put in a position that is awkward and uncomfortable. Babies are naturally quite curly and sleepy so I work with how each baby is and we have a very gentle workflow that ensures that we are not faffing about with unnecessary poses. My aim is to always reduce the amount of time that I am moving baby so that I don’t interrupt them sleeping or annoy the more sensitive ones.

Babies can be awake or asleep. It is nice to get some sleepy images but not every baby is up for it! Some babies astonishingly have the ability to be wide away for 2 hours. Beats me how but they are “all in” for the photoshoot! So long as they are happy awake – we are all good. This is the perfect time for cuddles!

If baby isn’t in on the beanbag then they will be in your arms. Cuddled up where they belong. This is always baby’s favourite place. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to get gorgeous family photos. Natural photographs of you as a new family is so important as together you start this new journey together. Also, not everyone wants to smile at the camera and in fact I openly encourage you not to. It is so much easier to look down towards baby and far more comfortable for you. Sometimes I do ask you to look at your partner and smile…this usually leads to laughter and gets beautiful natural images of you both.

The reason that natural newborn photography is so popular is because the images that we create are unique to you and your baby.



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