Pregnancy Photoshoot in Cheshire

May 23, 2024

Pregnant mother on her maternity photoshoot in Cheshire

Pregnancy Photoshoots in Cheshire

Find out why Cheshire Mums love a natural approach on their pregnancy photoshoot.

Pregnant mother looking down at her growing belly


Is a pregnancy photoshoot something you need?

It is natural when you are pregnant to focus on what is going to happen once baby arrives. The arrival of your newborn will be a gorgeous but monumental moment in your life & let’s be honest, your life will change pretty drastically. And this is wonderful. But how about the months leading up to their due date? Your body is changing and growing alongside your baby and this is also a very important phase in your life. It is also a lovely occasion to get partners and siblings involved because up until now they have most likely taken a back seat in the pregnancy as you have tackled most of the up’s and downs of it on your own. Pregnancy can be a very unique experience and also quite a lonely one. This is the perfect time for partners and siblings to connect and be part of the overall experience.

Beautiful pregnancy photography for beautiful bumps

A pregnancy photoshoot allows for us to professionally capture ourselves on camera and show our beautiful pregnancy bumps. Just carving out 30 mins for us to photography you in a natural gently posed way will ensure you feel comfortable and yourself. Feeling relaxed means that your photographs will turn out beautifully and look and feel like you.

Pregnancy is such a memorable time in our lives and it is such a beautiful thing to see – our body’s changing form and a new bond growing. 

Since pregnancy is such an organic experience unique to every woman, I love to capture it in a naturally in my beautiful studio making it perfect for families with siblings or the more camera-shy fathers.

Your beautiful bump is growing the most beautiful baby.

How & when to book my Pregnancy Photoshoot.

If you would like to book yourself on to a maternity photoshoot then please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Pregnancy photoshoots are best booked in for when you are between 30-34 weeks pregnant.

And don’t forget now is also the time to book in for your newborn photoshoot!


For further information on a pregnancy photoshoot – take a look here!

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My clients adore my dedicated baby photography studio. It is perfectly compact and ideal for little baby feet. Painted in white & limewash it is a tranquil peaceful setting for your shoot. 

My newborn & baby photography studio is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and is a gorgeous space within my garden. Calming and peaceful, it immediately sets you at ease. Natural neutral tones throughout it perfectly encapsulates everything the LIGHT/LIFE stands for & provides the perfect atmosphere for your perfect session.

newborn photoshoot


Just when is the right time to book your newborn photoshoot & what can I expect from it?